Norton Commons (and a Robinson Iron Fountain) in the Media Again!

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Robinson Iron created this beautiful centerpiece for Norton Commons in 2010 and the fountain has had quite a reaction in the popular community!

The fountain is made from historic patterns while being incredibly unique in their combination. One of our company’s specialties is taking various existing patterns and combining them in new ways to make one-of-a-kind pieces.


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  1. Could you give me a ball park figure to construct a fountain that is somewhat a replica of one called Stitzer Fountain in Central City, Nebraska? It was salvaged for the WW2 effort. If you type in Stitzer Fountain Central City, Nebraska you will probably see a painting or photo of what I’m referring to! It would be for the triangle where it once stood. Considering a fund raiser to make this happen.

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      Thanks for the message Gene… I did Google that fountain and it is certainly unique! Yes, I know we could help you! We have worked in and around Nebraska a lot for fountains! Can you give me a call tomorrow at 800-824-2157? Thanks! Luke Robinson

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