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Stunning photo of a customized Single Tier Janney Crane Fountain

Stunning photo of a customized Single Tier Janney Crane Fountain

One of the popular ways to connect with clients is through social media. Facebook specifically has been a lot if fun for us at Robinson Iron as customers post and tag us when it comes to photos of their fountains.

One client in Canada recently purchased a few key components from RIC to complete a restoration he had personally undertaken. He had this to say after the restoration on his Facebook page:

Here is the fountain that I restored this summer and that was erected in 1942 by my grandfather David Nadeau in 1942. It is located in front of my house, in the center of the village of Saint-Come-Linière, Quebec, Canada. This fountain brings back wonderful childhood memories. It’s so unifying, many people find the following evening to socialize and take pictures

We certainly agree with his assessment as it turned out beautifully! We thank him for allowing Robinson Iron to help!

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