Much of our material heritage gets lost over time. Whether by natural disasters, fires, or basic wear-and-tear by the elements, many of our historic landmarks, public sculptures, and historic architecture become unviable. From individual historic buildings to public memorials, Robinson Iron provides skilled historic replication casting from individual components to entire structures, allowing these pieces of our heritage to be renewed and preserved. Robinson Iron specializes in the historic restoration of cast metal facades, art pieces, and sculpted ornamentations adorning historic properties throughout the United States and beyond. Over the years, we have worked hard to become the best in the business, earning the trust of city managers, businesses, and universities across the country. Our artisans have built a reputation for unmatched craftsmanship as we have helped with the historic preservation of landmarks in cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas, and elsewhere.

For nearly 75 years, Robinson Iron has been the cast metal historic preservation specialist of choice for cities, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the United States and abroad. We have earned their trust by combining trusted techniques with current technologies. Our reputation as the best in the business has been hard-won through unmatched craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to historical accuracy. As a result, our clients have entrusted us with historic replication and restoration projects in major cities across the U.S., including some of America's most valued landmarks and historic structures.

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>What Is Historic Replication?
Historical replication begins with recapturing the imaging, specifications, and details of the original piece. This process must be done with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure historical accuracy. At Robinson Iron, we accomplish this goal by working from documentary photographs or utilizing existing historic castings, along with state-of-the-art digital laser scanning of the original piece(s) on-site, eliminating the need for costly removals while also faithfully capturing original details. Our engineering staff provides sound structural designs in keeping with the best in value engineering. Then, combining expert craftsmanship with time-honored foundry techniques, our skilled artisans craft the replication piece to the highest quality standards, using care to be faithful to the original down to the deepest detail.