A Little More Info on the Berczy Park Fountain in Toronto

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Probably the most unique fountain on the planet! Robinson Iron happily provided this gigantic piece for the city of Toronto thanks to the brilliant mind of architect Claude Cormier!  Great article here from David Hains detailing a few of the fountain’s hidden meanings… It’s a fun read!   http://www.metronews.ca/news/toronto/2017/04/24/berczy-park-dog-fountain-calude-cormier.html  

The Methodology of a Fountain’s Restoration

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The process of restoring a cast iron fountain can seem rather intimidating. These important pieces of history can be quite weighty, covered in oxidation or mineral deposits, and even  missing key elements. The idea of putting a restoration project together can feel rather overwhelming, especially when its value to the community is considered.   That’s where Robinson Iron comes into play.   …

Metuchen, NJ Horse Trough next on Robinson’s Restoration Docket!

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A historic cast iron horse trough in Metuchen, NJ will be restored in Alexander City, AL at our facility. The piece is over 100 years old and has been in need of  face list for some time. Luckily, concerned and devoted community members got together and began a fund raising campaign. Robinson Iron will start the  restoration after the beginning of …

The Roman Fluted Magnus Fountain

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  The Roman Fluted Magnus Fountain has traditionally been one of Robinson Iron’s most popular pieces. Based on the original J.L. Mott Foundry design (because Robinson Iron has acquired the patterns), this beautiful piece can be used residentially or commercially. Of course, at Robinson Iron we can customize any of our fountains. So the Magnus can be transformed into a …